Studio Photography

Philip Burnett Photography produces high quality commercial imagery for various communication and advertising purposes. Our professional photo studio has two large photographic spaces – one seamless white side and the other dark. Each side is equipped with the best available lighting equipment. In addition, our large seamless product table permits us to create a variety of scenes for small to medium-sized products. Large products can be placed on our seamless, white studio floor. Our photo studio’s large overhead doors allow vehicles and other large products or subjects to enter and exit the studio with ease and maximum flexibility.

Our photo studio is coupled with an adjoining styling/wardrobe room for hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes. Our large network of hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and models, allows us to form your specific envisioned style. We collaborate with you to carefully select the models, artists, and stylists that suit your particular needs. At Philip Burnett Photography, we customize all aspects of your images in order to achieve your desired visual effect.

Fully equipped with the best available professional lighting equipment, a large prop table, and spacious shooting areas, our professional photo studio is a preferred location to shoot. The reception area of our photo studio provides a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for our clients. Our seating area is equipped with a large LCD projector and screen that allows you to view your images at a much larger size if desired. Our photo studio is conveniently located at 3605 NE 50th Avenue, close off Fremont and 50th Avenue in the Beaumont area of Portland, Oregon.

3605 NE 50th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97213