Product Photography FAQ

How much does product photography cost?
There are many variables in any project; the cost of your product photography depends on the particulars of the assignment. With some simple information, we utilize our pricing guidelines to give you a general idea of what your project will cost. Give us a call to receive a free price quote.

Why hire a professional product photographer?
Visit your favorite brand’s website, or peruse its catalog. Chances are, you will find an abundance of professional product photography. If you do happen to come across an image that was not shot by a professional, the photograph will most likely stand out, not for its excellence. Polished product photography is a pertinent factor in reaching a product’s full sales potential. If it weren’t such an important detail, most businesses would save their money and snap some pictures with an automatic point-and-shoot camera.

Before you decide against hiring a professional, consider this: our consumer world is driven by visual communication; people respond psychologically and emotionally to imagery. A professional product photograph is far more than just a pretty picture of a consumable item; this kind of photograph is truly focused on speaking to your product’s market. Hiring a qualified professional photographer is the first step to successfully selling your product.

What type of products do you shoot?
We are experienced in shooting an extensive variety of products, both large and small, pretty and not so pretty, and in our studio and on location. We have shot everything from diamond necklaces and alcohol, to metal blocks and a cardboard box, to cars, motorcycles, trailers, blue jeans, dresses, chocolate, coffee, glass, wood, and electronics. Our portfolio includes a wide range of photography, consisting of accessories, shoes, jewelry, apparel, food, and general product photography. Name the product. We’ll shoot it. Unsure whether or not your product fits with our style or skill set? Give us a call.

What kind of background will you use?
In discussing your project with you, we will determine together the most suitable background for your product photography. Ultimately, the decision is yours. We have several colors of backdrops available in our photo studio, as well as a seamless product table and white seamless studio walls (for larger products). For product photography that will be utilized on your website, you may want us to take your images through the “knockout” process. This post-production process achieves a completely clean, white (or another color of your choice) background. To read more about this process, visit our post-production page.

Why use tabletop product photography?
Tabletop product photography refers to a typically simplistic approach and often consists of a basic product shot, set on a plain background. This sort of photography is one of our most efficient as well as affordable options and is ideal for large quantity product lines. Those of our clients who are working with a tight budget but need hundreds of images (for example, to fill an entire online catalog) may find that tabletop photography is the most appropriate option. For further details or a price quote, give us a call.

Why use on-model product photography?
Working with models is one of our photo studio’s specialties. Many of our clients who are seeking clothing or accessory photography prefer the appearance and effect of on-model images. This type of photography is effective in displaying size, proportion, and fit of wearable products. Call our studio to find out more about on-model product photography.