We provide on-model product photography from our Portland, Oregon photo studio or at the location of your choice. Our studio shoots catalog on-model photography as well as conceptualized advertising photography and fashion photography. We are available throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, as well as nationally and worldwide.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in collaborating with many different models in various situations and environments. We know that the process of producing on-model photographs requires a close-knit team effort and a great amount of attention to the most microscopic details. Meticulous attention to detail is a necessary component of any photo shoot, but it is especially pertinent in those that involve models, hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Our team aims for precision and perfectionism.

Contributive to our on-model photography process is our network of talented professional models, stylists, and hair and makeup artists. These skillful models and artists demonstrate a variety of skill sets, appearances, and styles. When we discuss your product photography, we assemble the team of models and artists that best suits your stylistic objectives.

When you decide to hire our team to produce your on-model product photography, we do everything in our power to mold your role as our client into one that is effortless and enjoyable. Our objective is to achieve your specific photographic ambitions, while taking care of everything along the way. Ultimately, we strive to deliver high quality, marketable photography that showcases your product in a light that is most appealing to your market.

Call our studio for more information about on-model product photography.