General FAQ

How do I get started?
Projects are priced individually. Rates and fees are based on the variable specifics and overall complexity of a given photography project. With some basic information, we utilize our pricing guidelines to give you a general idea of what your project will cost. Give us a call to receive a free estimate.

How long does the process take?
Again, every assignment differs from the next. Along with a price quote, we can provide a general idea of how quickly we will be able to turnaround your photography. Regardless of any project’s specifications, Philip Burnett Photography always provides as prompt a turnaround as possible. Your satisfaction in working with us is fundamental to our business model, and we do everything in our power to complete your project in a swift manner without ever compromising the quality of our work.

Will you do post-production work on our photographs?
Post-production refers to any artistic enhancements, modifications, or corrections performed after the initial photograph is shot in-camera. Beyond shooting professional photography, this is one of our most prominent capabilities. For more information and samples of our work, visit aftereffects, our post-production page.

How will the images be delivered?
Philip Burnett Photography provides finished photographs in several formats. Depending on the multitude of the project, our studio most often sends you a link to an online image gallery, via FTP upload. We will typically provide images in the format of high-resolution JPEGs, but we can also provide TIFF files by request. In addition to these online files, CDs are also available for purchase.

What resolution will the files be, and how large can I print the images?
We can provide your photographs in any resolution. Most commonly your images will be optimized for print at 300 dpi, or for web at 72 ppi. Our photo studio utilizes the latest photographic technologies. Your photographs can be printed at billboard size, and even larger.

Can I print or publish the images?
Philip Burnett Photography owns all copyrights on our images. When you hire our team to shoot your photography, a portion of what you pay for is a license to use the images in your brochure, website, marketing and advertising material, etc. Our usage policies are typically very generous. Usage costs vary depending on the specifics of the usage.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or card as payment for photographic or creative services. Secure credit card payment is available through our PayPal account. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can you provide services to clients located outside of Portland?
Our team gladly accommodates those of our clients who are located outside of the Portland area. You may ship your products directly to our Portland, Oregon photo studio. We are also available to shoot on location throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, as well as nationally and worldwide. Please call for further details.