About Philip Burnett Photography

Our philosophy is simple. We are passionate about our art as well as the principles of business. We work for our clients. You are our priority, and meeting your photographic needs is our main concern. We want your experience as our client to be as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Our team collaborates with you to produce artistic commercial photography that will captivate your target audience and clearly convey your message. We aim to produce the results that you want. We want you to come away with beautiful and compelling photography that you will be able to utilize effectively – time and time again.

We are a team of creative professionals who contribute our collective skills to every project. We are not merely artists but a vital piece of your visual marketing team. Our ideas are creative, and our concepts are fresh. Each of us is driven and dedicated to producing nothing less than excellence. We are artists. We are photographers, designers, writers, marketing specialists, and, above all else, creators. Our team flourishes on creative energy and team effort. We hold ourselves, and our team, to the highest standard.

What we do here is anything but ordinary. In order to thrive in this rapidly progressing industry, we know that our photography must always be extraordinary and never just average. Normal and ordinary are words that don’t fit within our mantra or our daily projects. We endeavor to push the limits, to stretch our creative boundaries, and to be better today than yesterday.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, give us a call.

3605 NE 50th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97213